Monday, January 14, 2013

600 Miles

Just like everyone else I have my yearly goals.
One of the things that I love, enjoy need to do for my sanity is run.
However the cold Midwest isn't really conducive to running outdoors year round.
So I'm getting back in the groove of running and learning to run even if it's below 32 degrees.

Some times I'm an over committer dreamer.  
But I keep coming back to my goal.
Reminding myself to not let dreaming get the best of me.

This year I want to run 600 miles.
That's around 50 miles a month.
Making it a little over 12 miles a week.
photo by raechel myers
 I just want to run as a lifestyle, no matter what races I run.
This week a wonderful, virtual running group has formed.
I jumped right on board! 

Being a mom of a toddler and wife to a man who works weird hours, 
it's hard to get out and run the same time every day.
Some weeks I don't get to run my "normal days."

I'm excited to "run" and train with new friends! 


  1. Yea! So excited about this! Can't wait to get to know you through our virtual training! :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I'm excited to be "doing this together" too.

  2. Super excited for accountability AND new blogs to read! Nice to *virtually* meet you :).