Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday's Letters

This year I want to work on being more thankful in the everyday thing. 
So I get to idea from the lovely "Honey" to do a weekly letter,
little did I know that there was a huge link up each week.

Dear Sweet Addi,
Thank you for spoiling me and letting my be your mommy.  I love that I get to curl your hair, which turns into a dress up, then to a tea party.  You're the sweetest thing and you bring joy to everyone around you! {Even grandpa when you make him take part in your tea party.}
Dear School,
I love you, but I hate you.  Thanks for giving me a run for my money my first week back.  I can't wait to see what lessons are in store for me this semester.  Thanks you for teaching me about educating my babies! 
 Dear Fisher-Price Dolls,
I love that you keep my little girl entertained for hours, break barriers and stereotypes, and show her that wearing a baby in a front pack is awesome!
 Dear Evan,
Thank you for being the best husband and daddy in the world! Thank you for cuddling our kids and putting them down for naps so I can sneak away in the middle of the day to run and get some me time.  You're simply the best!
Thank you for your new mercies every morning.  For the verses you've placed on my heart each morning.  Thank you for the amazing church you have placed us at for a time such as this.  Thank you for my amazing sister and friends that although we're all around the world you bring us together to support one no matter what's going on.

The Sweet Season

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