Friday, May 17, 2013

Journey to a Half Marathon

It's been a while since I've updated on my running, so I'm going to be honest: I'm in a rut.  
My pace isn't getting any better, I hurt my foot, I had finals, then I instantly was sick.
But today I got new shoes!! Well, kind of new.  
They're new for me, but I traded in my last new pair.  
So their new minus the cost.

New shoes for runners is like a new engine in a car, almost.  
Of course I had to break them in.
Although I have been sick and not been running in a week.
That sad mile and a half around the block had me breathing hard.
But I won't be discouraged, I still can't breathe easily just sitting still.

Before I got sick I was discouraged with my pace not improving.  
Mile one I go out too fast, mile two I have to break through a wall, then I finally cruise on mile three.
Mentally I feel like I should be breaking my pace below a 9:00 minute mile on a regular bases.
This year I started running three months earlier then last, plus I'm running more regular and longer.
Somehow, it just wasn't giving me that magic break through I wanted.
I tried a speed workout two or three weeks ago and got an 8:00 minute quarter mile interval.
There are glimpses of the potential I could possible reach, but sometimes feel at a loss how to get there.

People have said to use SmartCoach, but I wasn't loving the plan I got or the paces it was giving me.  
Today it worked out perfectly: the plan feels attainable, but challenges me.  
So I'm going to be moving over to that for now.  
What I love about this plan is that I can put in my race pace and see what I need to be running for easy runs.  
Then I can truly be taking them easy for my body, pushing it when I need to get the work done.
Look at that last week, hitting my half marathon at a pace that I would love.

I'm exciting to see what my body is capable of and to not feel like I'm running aimlessly.
Thanks for listening to the rants of an extremely nervous first time half marathon trainee.


  1. You don't need to run fast during training. All runs expect speed work should be done at comfort and 1-1:30 slower than what you plan to race. Most 1/2 plans have races scheduled in them so you can push yourself and see where your mile times are. Don't get discouraged. You're making great progress!

    1. Thanks Sarah! You've been such ab encouragement to me through this journey.

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  3. Kait I am really loving the new look of your blog, so fresh!
    New shoes are always fun, I'm hoping to get some soon!

    1. Thanks Katie! I had fun redoing it, but will probably work on it again soon if I have some time :) I hope you get new shoes too. I say go to a running store and get fitted. It's worth ever penny to have good shoes.