Thursday, March 21, 2013

Friday's Letters

Dear Tot School, I'm sorry we neglected you this week, but there was lots of life happening.  
Dear Owl Mug, Thanks for coming into my life, I officially look forward to my morning coffee.   
Dear Scholastic, I love you! Thanks so much for all these beautiful pieces of literature to read to my girl.

Dear Fur Real Puppy, You're the best dog ever!
Jesus Loves Me App, Thanks for making an app my daughter loves and can learn verses and songs through.
Dear FaceTime, I'm so grateful for you and the fact that my girl can call her cousin any time.

Dear Bunnies in an Egg, You're adorable! We love learning lots of new concepts with your cuteness.
Dear Walmart Running Shorts, Thanks for making my runs better and only being $6.
Dear March Madness Bracket & Happy Mail, Thanks for welcoming in my birthday week!!

Dear Gazelle Sports, Not only have you made my feet happy on runs, my shoe shopping experience amazing, but you sent me a note and remembered my daughter's name.  Customer service at it's best! 
Dear Spring, We're ready for you!  Please send the snow away and let us frolic in shorts and swimsuits all day.
Dear McDonald's, Thanks for the chocolate milk and large water after my run.  For some reason it's nice to sit in my car with my toddler strapped in and be able to get quick recovery fuel up in peace.


  1. Hey Kait,

    This is Jenny Burgess...somehow I JUST realized you have blog! I pinned something of yours like I many times do from Pinterest and noticed you mentioned how you're a mommy blogger. I might have to backtrack to look at all your posts :) I love getting ideas for the preschool, that Elizabeth and I run from you....we do very similar things. Can I add your blog onto my blog list? I am a very simple blogger..I mostly do it as a journal for my family to keep forever. It's Hopefully we will run into you sometime soon!

    1. Of course! I have just started blogging more consistently again to document our life and share inspiration. But I love blogging about our homeschool journey, which is so little at this point, and running.

    2. Good...I just added you to my list! Way to go on your running..maybe you will motivate me to run more often. I hope to do another 5k this summer but nothing longer :)