Sunday, March 24, 2013

Journey to a Half Marathon

Well, I am officially three week into my half training and I've already changed plans, go figure.  I combined speed work from Hal Higdon, the pre-training plan from an app, and the base training from Train Like a Mother.  

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: Ran 4 miles {I hired a babysitter so I got to run solo}
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: Ran 2 miles {felt so sluggish}
Friday: Ran 6.16 miles!!! {It was awesome.  My first 6 miler since last May for my 10K. My mom braved the cold wind and rode her bike along side of me}
Saturday: Water park with my family!!! And go-karts.  That's a workout right?
Sunday: Traveling/Rest day

I finally found a workout link-up...yay! 
Little Girl Big World


  1. Nice week! Congrats on making a training plan that works best for you. 26 weeks is a long time. I'm sure that you're going to be very well prepared. What race are you doing?

    1. It is a long time, so I have almost three months of just building a solid base. But I need a game plan, I can't just wing it. I'm running a local half along the shore of Lake Michigan.