Thursday, February 07, 2013

Monthly Missions

Part of my 2013 goals was to do an intentional service project each month with the kids.
Needless to say, when Oh Amanda introduced Monthly Mission this week I was elated!
This month she chose Nickels for Nets to help supply children with much needed mosquito nets.
Each net cost $8, so 160 nickels.  My goal for Addi is to collect 320 nickels to help other children.
Yes, she's a little young to understand what's really happening, but I think God is bigger then comprehension.  God will use this to impact her in ways we won't understand.  Not only will she be getting out of her comfort zone to ask people for nickels and practicing her counting skills as she collects them, but she is learning that what money she receives is not hers.  It's entrusted to her to use wisely.  This time, it's to help protect kids from disease and provide them with hope.

The website offeres a great curriculum supplement to teach older kids.
I'll be using some of it to talk to Addi about what we're collecting for too.
One thing that I'm reminded of is what you reap you will sow.
I want to sow compassionate, tender-hearted, giving children.
What better time to teach them then now?

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