Friday, February 08, 2013

Friday's Letters

Dear Friday,  I couldn't be happier  to see you.  This week has been exhausting!  Dear Next Week, Will you pleas be gracious to me and go easy on me.  Fill my week with joy and laughter.  Dear Next Week, I can not wait to greet you! This is the one month a year that my hubby and I get away by ourselves for three days.  Three.  Whole.  Days!  I can't wait! Dear Math Class, Boo on you!  Dear Running, I've only enjoyed a good sweat once this week and I miss you.  Let's get together soon!
Dear Addi, Thanks for all the cuddles this week!  Even through the tears you bring so much joy to my life.  Dear Morgan,  I'm so glad to have you home today.  I can't wait to see you do crazy tricks and gymnastics.  Not to mention the fact that you told me you love our church and want to go all day long.  Priceless.  Dear Evan,  I can not wait to spend a long weekend away with you! Thanks for being my best friend.  Dear Riverside,  You are amazing! God has blessed our family by allowing us to be a part of your congregation.  I haven't walked away from a service so filled up in a long time!  Then there was the class I took this week.  The Lord is moving!  Thanks for letting Him work through you to bless so many.

{the sweet season}


  1. How sweet! Love the letters to your kids, but really love that you are getting so much out of your church community! Awesome! God is good!
    Visiting from the link up!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I love writing to my kids. To document the littles things in life. We're so blessed by our church! We haven't always been and haven't been in a long time actually, but just found a new home church at the end of 2012 and feel so blessed to be there!