Friday, February 01, 2013

Friday's Letters

Dear Addi, 
Girl you rocked potty training! You get the prize for the easiest little potty trainer ever.  It's funny because I think potty training brought us closer and we have lots of fun.  Songs, books, silly face, etc.  You bring joy to everything you do! {Despite your serious picture face.} 

Thanks for extending mommy some grace when I have to do homework.  You even make me smile gathering up your books and baby to say you need to do homework too.  You're the best!
 Dear Community Pool,
You are our new favorite spot! We've been there three times this week.  Addi sleeps better and we get to laugh a lot.  It's been fun to see Addi's confidence sky rocket in the pool.
PS please turn up the heat :)
 Dear School,
You're stressing me out a little this semester.  I always feel so lost and overwhelmed at the beginning of the semester, but this one is extra hard with the workload.  Please be good to me.
 Dear Gramma & Papa {my parents},
 Thank you for your awesome recordable book the kids got for Christmas.  I love how excited Addi gets to hear Gramma read to her.  And sometimes it's just nice to open a book and hear my mom voice too :)
Dear Dee,
Happy Birthday! Thanks for being an amazing big sister.  We might live states apart, but I always know that you are there for me.  I'm so proud of all you've accomplished as a wife, mom, runner, and person.  You are such an inspiration and support for me.


  1. Hi, I am stopping by from The Sweet Season. I am so happy that you had fun potty training. How cool is it to see the little people potty. The weather in Florida is quite bipolar right now, so we can't swim. Maybe next week.


    1. We're actually in Michigan, so any swimming we do is inside. Soooo cold! Thanks for stopping by.