Friday, February 01, 2013

February Goals

Last month I started following My Pretty Pennies on her journey to the finish line of her very first marathon.  Congratulations Ginna on finishing strong! Today she posted her monthly goals, it got me thinking that I really like this idea.  Sitting down at the end of the month to see where you need to improve, refocus, and go into the next month ready to embrace your plan. 
* Run 48 miles in February with the Haus of Girls

* Move more as a family! 
Winter is in full swing in Michigan.  It's cold and I just want to sleep by a fireplace.  But I've taken Addi to the community pool twice this week and we both have a better day when we get out.

* Work on Tot School more with Addi

* Read a NONE school book

That's it for now.  
Off to work on homework.


  1. Wow! Awesome goal!!!
    I am hating this cold so much but would rather have it cold now so it's not so hot & humid this summer like last summer

    1. Thanks! It feels a little "small" but if I accomplish it I would be more then happy, so I'm going for the small goals to get to the over all larger goal.