Monday, May 06, 2013

Being a Mom in College

Motherhood is hard. Being a mom in college is extra hard.
As I said, it's finals week around here.  My stress level has been through the roof.  
Time has been limited. I don't get everything done that I want to do in the day.
But I sit here and say no.  No Satan, you will not over come me.
I will not feel like a bad mom because I need my daughter to sit and watch a movie while I do homework.

Today was an exception, most days I'm out with her playing, but just today I needed to not be.
Tomorrow we will go to the library and park.  We will play and laugh.
I will drink coffee and prepare for a late night study session.
Next week I will be on summer break, no homework, less stress.
In the fall I will probably have to have someone watch Addi once in a while, so I can do homework.
But next spring, I will be done.  My husband and I will both graduate.
We will enter into ministry and I will homeschool Addi (and whatever siblings we are blessed to add).

So today, I will extend myself a little grace to know that I'm doing the best that I can.
It's just a season in our life.  One that I want to look back on and remember the smiles.
I don't want Satan to ruin this season for me and just remember the tears.

Tonight I will rest in peace, cuddle a restless toddler and know that God is blessing us even in this season.

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