Monday, March 18, 2013

Half Marathon Training {Week Two}

I have officially finished my second week of my half marathon training plan, which is kind of a big deal because I have a tendency to give up on training plans when it gets tough.  This week was no exception, it was tough.  Addi didn't want to sleep, we're both fighting a cold, our weekend was crazy, the weather did not want to cooperate, and the list goes on.  But it happened.  Week two happened.  Yes, I would have loved to have run more because my goal was to add an extra training run to the week. But I'm just happy to check week two off my list and look forward to what week three of training has in store.

 Thursday night I was bumming because I didn't get to run that third run, but instead of sitting and vegging out I decided to do some yoga.  Yep, some peaceful yoga at 9:30 PM after I put Addi to bed.  I will be honest, my nutrition has not been anywhere near what I want it to be this week, but I'm aware and plugging along.  It's a new week and I'm extending myself grace instead of giving up.  

Friday morning I got my new running shoes!  The fun part was the style I went with is also the name of my hometown.  It's funny to me.  I'm not a hometown lover.  I couldn't wait to get out.  I wasn't the most athletic girl or popular or anything.  I just wanted to get in and get out, as fast as possible.  But I'm so different from the person who left that two six years ago.  So now it's funny to be running with a little reminder of where I came from, what God has brought me though and what He has in store for me. 

Monday: Rest {long run was Sunday so I needed to recoup}
Tuesday: Ran 3 miles & Walked 2.6 miles
Wednesday: Ran 2 miles & Walk 1 mile
Thursday: 30 Minutes of Yoga {small victories!}
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Ran 5 miles {with adult running buddies and new shoes}
Sunday: Rest


  1. Hi! I popped over from a link you left in the comments on my blog! I loved reading about your Easter tot school week. I've had a lot of fun with holiday activities with my two girls this year too since they are finally old enough to grasp the real meanings/ concepts of Christmas and Easter (28 months and 3.5 years.) Also just want to encourage you in your training program! I have run several full and half marathons and now that I have children, while it's hard to fit in, it's such a wonderful way to get out all the crazies that build up inside from being a stay at home mom! (not that I don't love that too!)

    1. Thanks for your encouragement! I actually just signed up for my half today, so it was perfect timing. Any tips for a newbie? Do you train with your toddlers in a stroller?