Sunday, March 17, 2013

Tot School {Easter}

Now that Addi is getting older I loved making a big deal about Christmas and by Christmas I mean an all out celebration.  Do I think it was perfect?  No, I look forward to centering more on Christ as she gets older and I knew I wanted to make a big deal about Easter.  She's getting older and it's been a fun week of learning.   

Addi learned her very first verse this week!!! It brought tears to my eyes {and yes I made her tell everyone}.  

"He is not hear.  He has risen!!!!" Luke 24:6  

Another things that she really excelled in this week that I wasn't sure she could do or not was finding the difference in the pictures.  She did awesome!  I've said before that sometimes I think I hold her back because I don't want to push her too hard and make her not enjoy it.  Then I pull out something like verses and finding the differences in pictures and she blows me away.  

We worked on Easter puzzles, which she loved.  Honestly, this girl is a puzzle girl.  Another thing that amazed me.

More glue of course: seperating the big and little Rs into columns and gluing them.

Easter eggs: dot markers and stickers

She worked her fine motor skills with beads + pipe cleaners, pom poms + tweezers + tea cups, and playdough.  She also pulled out the puzzles and this time I mixed two puzzles together for her to separate and then put together.  She did great! 

This is what school really looks like in our house.  Silly and feisty! 

Addi helped me make our playdough for this units playdough box.  She's really growing to love this time! While I cook over the stovetop she plays with water and "does dishes" with out even knowing it.  

Pink playgdough with cookie cutters, stamps, silicone cupcake liners and cupcake poke sticks.  You can't go wrong!  I added some more stuff to the box later that didn't go with the theme.  

Have you read the Jesus Storybook Bible? It's so amazing! I mentioned that I'm reading the parenting book Give Them Grace, one of the things that I'm learning is that every single day needs to be wrapped in the story of Jesus birth, life, death and resurrection.  We need to remind our kids that apart from God, not matter how hard we try we can do no good.  Apart from Him there is no good within us.  The Jesus Storybook Bible does a beautiful job teaching this and intertwining Jesus in even single story.  Reading the "Easter story" with Addi has been so powerful for me, probably more then her.   

We had a "big girl" moment this week.  She made her bed all by herself! Look at her proud little smile. Addi insisted that the sleeping pillows go on top of the sham pillows.  I didn't fight her, one time a friend told me don't nit pick the little things when they do chores and are young because when they're old then will think they can't do it right, so why do it.  So sweet baby girl, your pillows look beautiful! 

We were in the mood to bake, so we did!  Addi made the cake all by ourself.  The Pioneer Women's dump cake was the perfect recipe for this independent toddler.  I opened the packages and she did the rest.  She was so proud!  She was very aware of checking the timer, oven, etc.  A girl after my own heart!

Daddy and Morgan went to the Monster Jam this weekend so I printed out this awesome monster truck learning pack to keep the boys occupied and learning the morning before the races.  Which also meant less, "are we going to see monster truck?!" nagging for me.  One {of the many things} I love about the Christian homeschooling community is that even if your educating your boys about monster trucks, God is still the center and a verse with monster trucks adorning it is included:

"Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”
-Joshua 1:9

For the printable sheets and other Easter ideas check ou my Pinterest boards here and here.

{Addileigh is 32 months old}


  1. Wow, you did a great job! I love the floor mini desks- my two younger ones would LOVE one of those each!

  2. I have the Jesus Storybook, but really haven't been reading it with my son -- thanks for the inspiration!! And I just bought Give them grace per your recommendation :) ... ps, I love all of your pink stuff, so happy to have a baby girl (she's 6 mths so tot school will have to wait!)

    1. It's funny, I had to look at the pictures because I don't even realize how much pink is in my life anymore. I said she wouldn't wear pink, then I had her and I couldn't get enough.

      I'm so glad you got Give Them Grace. It's simple amazing and revolutionary not only in parenting, but in embracing faith and daily life. So good!