Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Something that I have been learning a lot about lately is that it's ok to have a change of plans.
Yes, I wanted my daughter to sleep in her bed from a young age.
Now, she takes most of her naps in bed with mommy. {Shh...don't tell daddy!}
Everyday she goes to bed in her room, but she wakes up crying like clockwork.
We're assuming their nightmares.  So instead of losing my quiet time she naps with mama. 
I really, really, really want to run a half marathon.  
Each year I say, maybe it will be this year.  
Not this year.  This year I just said I want to make running a habit.
Well I still want to run a half marathon, maybe even this year.
I'm ok with running a 10k {again} in May instead of the 25k.
Taking walking breaks this year are much more welcome, then last year.
Especially when push an almost 40 pound toddler and 24 pound jogging stroller.

Sometimes our plans aren't the perfect plan.
God knows what is best for us in each season.
This season I'm bonding with my girl and changing a lifestyle.

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