Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Time of Renewal

If you follow me on Instagram you probably know that we had a little getaway weekend.  It was glorious! Every year around Valentine's Day we go away for a few nights, just the two of us.  We started going it a few years ago because we didn't really do anything for our Christmas or anniversary because it's the same time as our kids birthday and life is just crazy then.  So we decided to this time of year is perfect for us.  It's a little more calm and a little extra change in our pockets.  Off we went to a local small city for the weekend.

All weekend was about us, well mostly my husband spoiling me.  We relaxed, shopping, ate, got pampered, and just spent quality time alone together.  Reconnecting and enjoying our love for each other.  Time to just spend time with out stress, time schedules, etc.  It was so wonderful!  We highly recommend this to any married couple.  Even if it's dropping your kids off to their grandparents and having a date at your house.  No chores, kids, etc.  Just relaxing and enjoying the love of your life.

Our pastor just finish a series on attraction in marriage and a few of the quotes that stuck out to me as I reviewed my notes were:
  • The grass is always greener where you water it
  • If you don't like what you're getting out of it look what you're putting into it
  • Don't try to do something you were never meant to do alone
Meaning God never intended for you to get married then not need Him.  He's right there beside you.  Helping you.  You just need to reach out to Him.  As we both grow closer to God we are growing closer to each other.  With out that key component in our marriage, it would be impossible to success.
Yes, we were so excited to get home to our little girl! There was lots of cuddling and hugs.

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