Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Returning to Normalcy

The last few weeks of my Christmas break have been wonderful.
They've been filled with family, traveling, celebrations, and love.
However, I'm glad we had the last four days to recuperate.

Our family of four has got to relax at home, go sledding, watch movies, cuddle by the fire, reorganize the kids room, play with lots of toys, go on dates and Addi got lots of time with daddy.

This week I've been scheduling my day more with my new planner.
Which so far has translated into planned meals, running and fitness time.
Today we said good bye to our four year old friend that I babysat.
It's bitter-sweet, but we're so excited that she got into her preschool.
The next two weeks with be filled with rest, running, and cuddling. 
I'm so excited!  That's my kind of Christmas break.

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