Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday's Letters

Dear Sweet Addi,
Thanks for letting me be your mama and showing me how to love better. I've loved cuddling with you sweet sick little self this week.  I pray you feel better soon.  Sorry for those times when mommy is just tired and don't have the patience I should. I love watching you grow up into an independent, loving, and adventurous little girl.  Thanks for being my mini best friend.
Dear Riverside
 Thank you for your amazing staff, for listening to the Lord, for reaching the least of these, for living out the Gospel, for feeding my soul, for relying on the supernatural power of the Lord.  The Lord has blessed us to be part of this community for now and I am so grateful! 
Dear Mom & Pa,
Thank you for loving our kids! There are days when I just miss you, when I feel like I'm royally failing as a daughter, mother, wife, and friend, then I opened this book and was reminded of your unconditional love for me.  That no matter when you're praying for me, my marriage and my kids. Thanks!
I thank you for my health! Last week as I ran past three funerals I was reminded that our days here are number.  I am blessed with a healthy body to I can go out and be your hands and feet.  Please don't let me take that for granted.  Remind me that my body is a temple and I need to keep it at it's best to serve you the best way possible. 
 Dear Addi & Morgan,
Thanks for being the best brother and sister team I could ask for.  Your love for each other is contagious.  Addi, when we pick up your brother your joy is uncontainable and I don't think you leave him alone for a single second all weekend.  Your heartbreaks just as much when he has to leave.  Morgan, you're amazing at celebrating Addi's development and playing with her.  I've never seen a four (and a don't let us forget that half) year old be able to comfort his sister and explain to her in the best possible way why you have to leave, that you'll miss her but you always come back.  
You're love is a gift from God! 
 My Beloved Husband,
Thank you for blessing me so much! Thank you for confronting me when I'm in a slump, but also encouraging me through it.  Thank for getting my flowers to brighten my dreary winter day.  Thanks for being the best daddy in the world and being a toddler whisper.  There are days I just don't know what to do and you swoop right in and take care of it all.  You're amazing! 


  1. Lovely letters! Looking forward to reading more :-) Happy weekend!


    1. Awe...thanks! You're so sweet. I look forward to reading your's too.

  2. Owww mini best friend that is so cute. Hope your little one is feeling better soon x

  3. I'm kind of obsessed with Friday's Letters, and I just love yours. Addi is so, so sweet -- Prayers for a well babe being lifted up!

    1. Thanks! We starting to feel on the up and up.