Thursday, December 20, 2012

{Christmas Celebration} Day 5

The kids got a Nerf sword and a flower light from IKEA.

We also finished up our DIY nativity, but we used the whole cardboard roll instead of small pieces. 
For dinner we made Christmas pizza and of course I forgot the sauce so we improvised.
The kids loved the pizza with a little olive oil and spices.
I loved that there were no messy kids to clean up.

All week we've been reading from a Christmas Bible each night,
but since we just finished that we are moving on to the Jesus Storybook Bible.
Each night we'll continue reading through Luke 2 there. 

We just got the Bible as an early Christmas present and so far it has lived up to all the hype.
I was nervous to change Addi from her Hug-a-Bible because it's more words per page.
It has been great! She's super interested between the pictures and the wording.
It's simple enough for kid to understand, but digs into deep Biblical truth.

This Bible is a great tool to help parents get comfortable talking about the Bible on their kids level.
Not just reading the Bible each night, but it will help you feel equipped to answer questions on your own in a way that your child will understand.  

I think bedtime has been my favorite each night this week.  
Here was tonights conversation while singing bedtimes songs:
Me: "I have a new song for you guys. *insert singing*"
Addi: "Mommy, I got new song. Twinkle twinkle little fart."
Morgan: "Listen to this one...."
Our night ended with lots of giggles. 

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