Friday, December 21, 2012

{Christmas Celebration} Day 6

We started our morning with a fire, hot cocoa, and a cuddles.
The perfect start to the day if I do say so! 

 The kids made super simple wreaths:
 *Cut the middle out of a paper plate
*Put glue all over the wreath
*Give the kids four inch squares and let them go crazy
*They ripped, crumpled and stuck it to the plate until it was full
*Finish is off with bows, pompom or glitter

Both of the kids really loved it and could do it by themselves!

The hit of the week though was a candy cane hunt
It was so simple, but the kids had a blast.
They literately begged to play all night and the next morning.
Plus they didn't even want to eat the candy canes, just to play the game.
It was so fun! 

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