Monday, November 26, 2012

A Day in the Life

Maybe you've noticed that sometimes there is a little girl in my photos {other then Addi}.
Two days a week I nanny for a friend, so those are usually the days I do more activities.
She's four and Addi is two, so sometime it's hard to find an activity that they both love.

Play dough is our go to activity! 

They both love it! 

Sometimes they create the same thing, like this pumpkin pie sessions, but something Maddie does more complex pie crust crimping while Addi counts the pumpkins going into the pie.
Every single Monday we do play dough because they both love it and this mama can have a simple Monday where I just don't have to over think what we're going to do.

Usually I nanny Monday and Wednesday, but with Thanksgiving our schedule changed. 
So we got to do lots of different activities on Tuesday with Maddie.
First we met friends for breakfast {4 kids + 2 post sickness moms = lots of fun!}
Then we went to our libraries story time {a favorite of ours}.
We squeezed in a quick vacuum the car session and drive thru coffee for mama.
And wrapped up our nannying morning with a trip to the gymnastics center.
We had a blast! I seriously love busy days because it makes them go by so quick.
However I love those long, slow cuddle days when it's just me and my girl.

On our way to get coffee Miss Maddie exclaimed, 
"I love everything in the world {long pause} except yellow slow!"
The beginning of that statement didn't even phase me because she loves everything, 
but I died laughing when the second part was the tagline.  
Of all things, yellow pee.  Why not brussel sprouts or lima beans? 
Oh sweet Maddie, you always give me a big smile and a good laugh.

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