Friday, November 23, 2012

Happy Black Friday!

Happy {late} Thanksgiving! 
First of all, I'm not great at taking pictures in large family settings.
Usually I have to schedule a little seasonal photo shoot {by be} of my girl to get pictures.
And I happened to be sick at 2:30AM on Thanksgiving morning, 
so I was  just happy to make it to our big family dinner.

The evening before Thanksgiving I went to a friends house to watch her little ones.
It was so much fun! We danced to Christmas music and enjoyed their little Christmas corner.
It had their little plush chairs, a kid friendly nativity, and two boxes of Christmas books.
When we have a house of our own again we are definitely doing this! 

Friday morning I woke up feeling so much better! 
Shortly after waking up my father in laws new scooter was delivered.
It was such a blast to drive the kids around the yard.
Our niece and nephew took turns riding with us, which was a blast.
We even drove around while the snow was falling and our fingers were freezing! 

We had a great time shopping the sales and got everything we were looking for.
No, we've never got pushed, trampled, or yelled at.
Our family looks at it as a way to save money and bless our kids with a few presents.

Since our kids are starting to get older we decided to start a new present tradition.
1 thing they want
1 thing they need
1 thing they wear {Christmas PJs to open Christmas eve}
1 thing they read {Christmas book to open Christmas eve}
1 thing homemade {from siblings}

I love this because we can bless our children, but it doesn't become overwhelming.
We can continue to focus on the reason for CHRISTmas and creating lasting memories.

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