Monday, October 22, 2012

Tot School {Apples}

~ Addi is 27 Months Old ~
This week was my favorite week of Tot School so far! 
Last week I was  really doubting whether or not Addi was ready for the ABC Printables.
On Monday she blew me away! 

The apple songs were a huge hit! 
Right now I'm trying to only do two activity sheet at a time, so she doesn't get frustrated. 
She was really trying to color "gently" and color the shapes, not just scribble.
Then she did great with circling {coloring} the apples with dry erase markers.
After re-reading the Tot School post a few times, 
I wanted to make I emphasized the left to write not just coping the lines.
It amazed me how she just picked up the marker and did it! 

When we were done I was blown away how much she had changed since last week.
Then we got done with dinner and she wanted to do more school! 
I tried to keep it light with apple playdough mats and pom pom apple counting.
This girl wanted "sheets!"  So I cute up her color apples.
To be honest, I was a little nervous that my strong willed two year old 
would not like being limited to one color, but she proved me so wrong.

Look at those apples!!! Not only did she not complain once about the colors, 
but she tried to stay on the apples with out me even telling her.
Seriously,  I'm loving these little moments that remind me all my work is not in vein.

We're still loving our Fall Spiced play dough! 
It's lasted amazingly and as super soft still.
I love coming up with new recipes and ideas. 

Since our week was cut short by visiting family, 
we'll be continuing apple week this week as well.


  1. Apple themes are fun! I need to make some more pumpkin spice play dough, the first batch is too sticky.

  2. You should try my recipe, it's not to sticky or to dry. It's on my blog! :)