Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Family Fun!

Last week my sister sister came in town for the week and all our family got together.
Since we live three days away (by car) from each other it's a rare occasion.
Our kids are the same ages, so it's always a crazy fun time when we're always together.

Addi replaced her old water baby (mine when I was little) and it's the sweetest thing! 
On the way home she had her little baby in one hand and her Starbucks frappe in the other. 
Morgan got a two pack of Batman pajamas and he wanted Addi to wear the matching set that night.

Melt my heart!  
The cousins had such a fun time together too! 
Wagon rides, chocolate milk dates, shopping to a giant family birthday party, my sister first marathon, playing on Uncle Josh's walker (he's having back surgery tomorrow), and so much more.

It was a great time!  

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