Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Getting Comfy...oh and I got a BOB!!!

The last week has been a whirlwind of packing, moving, unpacking, packing to travel, traveling, interviews, spending time with family, and just trying to get settled in.  So sorry for the lack of blog posts.  Here are a few highlights of the week:

* Moving went amazingly well!  We're loving being in a house with a yard and pool to play in and are eternally grateful to my in laws for letting us stay here for a little while.

* Addi came down with a rash from head-to-toe when we were getting ready to go to my sister in laws, but we have to rearrange the plan since we didn't want to possibly share!!

* My interview for a nanny position went awesome! They are a great couple planting a church in the great city area.  It's all in God's hands to see what comes of that.

* I GOT A BOB JOGGING STROLLER!!! It was a huge blessing.  

I did a last minute craigslist check before my trip and there it was posted back in June, so I emailed the guy with little expectations.  To my surprise he still had it.  Long story short I got the stroller and the weather cover for $125 which retails for  around $450.  What a  blessing!! I had almost given up on getting a great jogger used, but I just thought  I would try one more.  
Mine & Addi's new BFF
My mom and I went for a "quick" two mile run at 2:30 PM in the 90 degree weather because I couldn't contain my running excitement!  I was aiming for three, but decided turning around early would be best.  On our way back my mom noticed a clothes pin on the underside of the stroller, when I pulled it off it said, "Jesus Loves You. Pass it on."  So when I got home I emailed the guy telling him how I found the clothes pin and that I was so blessed by the stroller.  It made me smile that God watches over the the little things and gives special gifts to His children.  When he emailed me back he told me he wasn't really a religious person and I honestly think he had NO clue what clothes pin I was talking about.  So crazy!  He was the only owner and divorced, so there wasn't really a explanation for how it got there other then to remind me to thank God for such a wonderful gift!

Now I have absolutely no reason to not do a half marathon in October!  I have been so giddy about my stroller I actually got up at 7:30 this morning and got in almost three miles before Addi's morning nap!

Enjoying a stroll in 95 degree weather! 

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