Friday, July 29, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Although I mentioned being excited to be moving out of this apartment and enjoying some summer time living at my in laws house, obviously there are a lot of emotions that come with it.  Not only is it very humbling to move in with another family when you're an adult with your own family, but it teachers you a lot of gratitude to have a family open their home to you.

It's also emotional knowing we are a leaving the only "home" that my kids have know.  Not that we expected or even wanted to live here any long.  (Or even as long as we have lived here.)  We're so happy to be stepping forward in faith that God will provide a job for us to move closer to Morgan.  Paving ground and creating a home for our family.  It's so exciting for us, but there are still moments that I get choked up.

* When I took all of the pictures and decoration off Addileigh's nursery, a tear slipped down my face.  It's her first room.  Her only home so far.   Kind of sad, but excited for the next phase of life.

* Next weekend when Morgan comes he won't be coming to the only home that was once ours, not that he will care.  He loves Gram & Grandpa, but there are so many memories in our little two bedroom apartment.  Like the first night we had our family together or the nightmare I held him through or our family movie nights where we all cram in our bed.

* Addi is going to have a complex about boxes and packaging tape.  She has started to try and rip the tape off the box I'm putting together, a kind of normal thing, but then she started freaking out when I picked up her toys to put them in a box.  Now that she can walk she practically runs up, snatches the toys, then lays on it.  Poor baby!  So we would take packing breaks and go play in the pool at Gram & Grandpa's house.  

Even though there are all those emotions I am reminded of a few things: my family is healthy, happy, and safe.  Thank you Lord! No matter what physical structure we call home at the time, my favorite part of my home will be the loved ones I share it with.  I know it sounds cheesy, but it's so true.  Packing everything into boxes and putting stuff in a garage sale reminds me that none of it matters.  My home is not here on earth.  Everything could disappear one day and I would be ok because I have the love of my family and an eternal home far better then I can imagine awaiting me some day.


Tomorrow is the big move.

Most our possessions are in boxes and ready to into storage.

Wish us luck!

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