Friday, August 05, 2011

Ice Cream Shop

This "weekend" we have has Morgan since Thursday afternoon!  I love when we get to have super long weekend with him because we get to relax, have fun,  and cuddle more.  We have gone on bike rides and walks, took naps, watched movies, gone shopping, swam, laugh lots, went on a run, and today we got some of the tot school stuff I bought after the move to keep little miss interested.  

I found a great idea to do an ice cream sensory bin on Pinterest, might I just add I love Pinterest for so many reasons.  Any way, I decided to get some goodies from the dollar store to make our own little bin.  We got neon little pom poms to match all our fun neon ice cream accessories, then this week I discovered water beads on the Play at Home Mom blog.  Their original purpose is to put in flower vases so you can't see the stems and decorates really nice.  

He obviously was enjoying himself!

Morgan & Addi both had a blast with them, a little stressful the first round since I was super nervous about Addi trying to eat them.  Round two was better with her perched in her highchair watching Morgan's every move and using water as her ice cream.  His favorite was scooping the beads into the waffle cone cup, then we had three little
ice cream dishes that he would serve up "ice cream" for everyone.   We probably spent an hour or more outside playing with the beads.
Sometimes I can't get over how smart, sweet, happy, and a blessing this little man is.  I love him with all my heart and am so very blessed to be his mama.  He also makes me look forward to Addi being a little older so I can do more of these activities with her and not have to worry about her ingesting something.  

Next up on the unofficial tot school docket (we aren't officially starting until we move to our new place...doing tot school while living with someone else proves hard) is colored whip cream painting.  I'm pretty excited and I know Addi is going to love it!

Hope you have a great weekend and enjoy this beautiful weather! 

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