Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sick Baby

Generally if I lack something to blog about on Wednesdays I do "Wordless Wednesday," which usually means showering you with pictures of my sweet baby.  This week I'm so exhausted I wanted to do Wordless Wednesday and although my poor baby's face says it all, I must go even more into detail on how I'm feeling this Wacky Wild Wednesday.  Enjoy!

Where do I begin?  Do I begin with two weeks ago when my daughter broke out in an awful rash that turned out to be a yeast infections.  Or how a day later (on her birthday) she had a fever of 104.4, which was the course for three days, then her whole entire body broke out in a rash due to a virus.  Maybe that in the midst of that she got a completely different rash (most likely heat) on her poor lower back.  Tack on teething, a running nose, and what I thought was maybe going to turn into an upper respiratory thing since I have one.  Today it is...PINK EYE!!! 

Yep, thats right.  In a matter of two weeks I have seen or talked to a nurse/doctor on the phone probably every other day, if not more.  And we have her one year check up on Friday.  I feel like just sleeping at one of the crunch tables at the doctor's office at this point.  Thankfully evening sleep has going better this week now that her fever has broke, but she's giving me a run for nap time sleep this week.  The is always a curve ball, huh?

Well, I'll wrap this little Wacky Wild Wednesday up with saying that we have to be out of our current home in TEN (yes TEN) days!!!  So there are boxes everywhere amidst the laundry piles from me being.  If you have any tips on moving in with family or how to pack your life into boxes and put it into a storage unit, I would gladly take all the advice I can get.  

Needless to say, tonight we spent a little extra timing playing in the bath tub and skyping with Gramma to keep a little girl from being grumpy buns.  Thanks for listening to my Wacky Wild Wednesday.  I hope there won't be many more of these in the near future though.  Wish me luck! 

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