Monday, July 18, 2011

Tiny Tot School

Every day my daughter is learning something new and blowing me away at how smart she is.  There are lots of amazing sites out there devoted to homeschooling, but a select few acknowledge the importance of tot schooling.  Yes, sounds a little crazy, but during these early years their learning SO much!  Why not have a guide to help them develop much needed skills?  A few of my favorites are 1+1+1=1 and I Can Teach My Child.  They both have great ideas floating around the web, as well as linking you to endless other moms on the same journey.

Since Little Miss just turned one I figured I would start between fifteen and eighteen months doing "formal" tot school, which really just means I will plan ahead.  This timing will be perfect because we are moving in with my in-laws at the end of the month, so it'll give us time to move again and get back into out own place before starting.  Only problem is, she's ready to learn.  Who would have figured a toddler is ready to learn right?!  So this week I pulled out a few old baby food containers I had made up with activities for our road trip this summer.  

This first container I pulled out had pipe cleaners in it, so I let her play with them, only she wanted NOTHING to do with them.  So I tried making fun shapes to draw her in...NOPE!! She did not want to touch them at all!  Instead she sat there for a while trying to put the lid on the container.  When she wouldn't get it quite on she got a little up set, she's a determined little girl.

Since she didn't like the pipe cleaners I thought she might not like the pom poms.  Nope, she LOVED the pom poms.  She kept putting them in and out of the container, a little hide and seek, and trying to put the pom pom into the holes of the mega building blocks we have.  When she put them in with such a I got pretty excited!  Last time we tried she couldn't do it and wasn't really interested, which was in the last month or so.

We got out the sweet blocks I made a while back.  This time she was interested in more then just pushing the tower over and eating them, she tried to stack them in a tower on her own.  It's amazing how much she's changing!  It's great that not everything she touches goes into her mouth now too.

We then finished up with a few books we got from the library, which I'll write more on tomorrow.  She is starting to really enjoy grabbing a book and sitting on my lap while I read it.  I could be more excited for some cuddle time while reading a book!  

Have a great day!

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