Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sprinkler Time!

This weekend was the first in a LONG time we have got to just stay home, so this weekend was much welcome.  However it was probably more needed then we expected as well.  Addi has been so sick since Wednesday, so we got to relax at my in-laws house.

My in laws got Addi a Little Tykes swing for her birthday, so we put that up on their back porch.  She liked it for the most part, but really since she wasn't feeling good all she wanted was Mama to hold me.  We also spent LOTS of time in the big pool and the kiddie pool, she liked it alot, but mostly wanted to be held by mama.

Grandpa & Daddy making the her a sprinkler (he loves his picture being taken)
This is her "don't touch my daddy face!"
She's a daddy's girl, can you tell?

Nothing like a cuddle with daddy
Sprinkler finished on low for Addi to play in

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