Saturday, July 16, 2011

Birthday Cake (DO OVER!)

Since little Miss Addi was so sick on her birthday and didn't even want to look at her cupcake, let alone touch it we decided to do a "do over" cupcake for her.  Today my daughter was yelling at me because I couldn't get the paper off quick enough for her to get it in her mouth, now that's the daughter I know.  No mess could make me more happy then knowing my little girl is feeling better.

Pure satisfaction

She needed lots of milk after that chocolate frosting!
Pool Bath!!

We spent all day in the pool or playing in the new sprinkler daddy & grandpa made (post to come later this week about that) so when she was so messy from her cupcake naturally it was time for a "pool bath."  It's now a summer tradition at Gram & Grandpa's house to fill the kiddie pool up with clean water and have our even bath outside.  Of course she loves it!  Who wouldn't like going done a slide is bubbles in the pool?!  Hope you have a great weekend!

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