Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Runner's High: Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July (late)!!!

Our family had a great day celebrating both Independence Day as well as Morgan's 3rd Birthday.  

The morning started out with a mad dash to get our kids and my sister's kids ready before the big race.  My mom's side of the family ran a 4.5 mile race around a beautiful lake and IT WAS MY FIRST MEDAL!!! 

Coming into the last corner! 

Now I'm totally hooked on running even more.  I was absolutely shocked when I walked up to the board and saw my name in 3rd place for the 20 to 24 age group.  I was really hoping for a 40 minute time with the 4.5 race, but I hadn't trained much in the two weeks leading up to it since I sold my old jogging stroller and haven't replaced it yet.  I ended up finish it in 42:29, which makes for a 9:26 mile.  The best I've ran in a race by far! 

At this point I had 3rd and she 1st, but it ended up being 2nd

My sister finished 2nd in her age group, with a 7 something mile and my brother in law finished 2nd or 3rd in his, but was 5th in the over all race!!! Her finished it in was less then 30 minutes.  It was crazy!!! 

It's definitely giving me motivation to train better and smart because it was such a great feeling placing.  

Addi & I getting my medal
Everyone in our family that ran

My sister, her husband, and I with our medals (yes I have an awful sunglasses tan line!)
My proud husband 
Morgan blowing out his unlit candle on his cookie tower

We finished up our evening with a 16 mile bike ride to get to ice cream only to have missed it closing by 5 minutes.  Oh well, I burned more calories then I put in.  

All the cousins after a long morning at the race

Today I'm trying to take it easy.  I set out for a fast paced, hilly bike ride with my siblings, but then turned around because I could feel my body tightening up and shutting down.  I'm trying to remember that I need to work up to things and not just go crazy, so now I'm writing a quick blog, packing up, then finishing my night with a leisurely recumbent bike ride in the house while reading my book on training.  

Thanks to all those running/fitness mom's out there for the inspiration and encouragement! 

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