Thursday, June 30, 2011

"11 Months" Update

Ok, I know my daughter is two weeks from being a year old (insert tears here) but I have never done a blog post updating you all on little miss herself.  So, I figure I would start today because I'm blown away at home much she is growing a learning each day.  

Let me start off by saying I have to remind myself (daily) that every child is different and they all have different strengths and weaknesses.  For example, your daughter might be able to walk, but my daughter could eat a whole cow in one setting.  Just kidding, kind of.  But I sometimes get busy with life, trying to not make her dependent me to keep her entertained 24/7, or whatever and miss seeing some of her "new stuff."

Liss Miss getting so big and sweet!

Ok so I don't have height and weight states as of now, but I will in two weeks from her 1 year check up (tear tear.)  She is wearing at least 18 month clothes, but most of it is 24 months, 2T, and the occasional 3T.  Yes, my daughter is as big are your two year old! 

Last week Addi took her first steps, but has been stubborn about trying again since.  Whenever we get her to try she flops or tucks her legs up, which is rather funny, but I still want steps not funny.  She'll take steps when she doesn't think about it, like when cruising from the couch to the chair she'll take a few steps before her hands get to the next place.  Yesterday she took a few more steps to get to Mrs. Diane, so we're getting a little closer.  Oh and my favorite thing is she will balance her butt or thighs on just about anything to stand no handed, it cracks me up! 

Lastly she's starting to learn a lot of "words" and repeat actions:

* She started clapping a while ago.  
(I swear she wouldn't do it for the longest time just because I wanted her to so bad!)

*  She kisses books which I absolutely LOVE! We have a "potty book" (rainbow fish) and she knows which things she likes to kiss and not to kiss.  She always kisses the purple octopus, but never kisses the seaweed or snail.  Maybe that has something to do with the awful face and yucky noise I make at them.

* Yes, she goes potty on the toilet.  I'm not a crazy no-diaper, potty training my kids at birth person, but I love having Addi be comfortable on the potty and not having to wash poopy diapers.  We like to sing and read on the potty.  She's really been into "sharing" her potty toys with me too.

* Last week she started sharing! I love it.  She shares crackers, her sippy, her teether, etc.  It's adorable though and she thinks it's hilarious! 

* She's been say mama and dada for a while now, but it use to be dada for everything.  I used it to my advantage and told Evan she wanted him not me, but he didn't buy it.  The last few weeks mama has been her favorite word though and I LOVE it! 

* For a while Addi was saying nigh nigh when I put her to bed and I just didn't realize it, but it's only ever at nap and bedtime.  It's so precious!  And now she's started saying wawa for her sippy cup.  

* This cracks me up and I haven't got a picture of it yet, but if her sippy cup is laying on the ground she will crawl up to it and try to lay next to it to drink of it.  She's a character all right! 

* Addi loves to jump! She started out jumping in her crib, then on our bed, but now the little turd (yes our affectionate names for our daughter are stinky, stick butt, poopy pants, you know the normal lovey names) climbs up onto Morgan's bed and jumps until her little heard is content.  She even learned how to turn herself around and crawl off.  She hasn't fallen off at all, but she did break a board in his bed.  

* By far we get the most use out of her little kitchen. She loves kitchen time. She's always walking around the kitchen, opening doors, playing with pots and pans, etc.  It's perfect too because it's right next to my craft desk, so she'll play away and watch me sew.

* Little miss just got her right "real" dolly.  It's so cute to watch her play with it.  She pats it so sweet and gentle and tries to put it's hat on, then two seconds later is gnawing on her on her head.  It's a primitive form of bathing right?! 

I know I shared this one already, but it's to darn cute!

* The last thing I can think of is her  pretty pink pony rides.  She gets herself up on this adorable pink pony and wheels it around the house, until she crashes into something.  Then her little booty crawls off.  She's getting so smart! 

Thanks for reading my bragging bloggie mommy post!  I'm just reminiscent with her big birthday coming up. 

**** Oh and did I mention her adorable "fish face" and her love to dance! We sing DANCE-DANCE-DANCE! And she can't resist.  Love it!!!

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