Thursday, July 07, 2011

One Week Until O-N-E!!!

Tonight I can't believe my little girl is going to be O-N-E a week from today!!!  I'm sitting here thinking about all the anticipating I felt over birth and raising a baby girl, how much life has changed in the last year, what Addi is learning each and every day, and what the next year is going to bring for us.

I'm such a planner, ask my husband, and if it were up to me we would have an extravagant party with anything pink if could find and all the fun details.  However, life is busy and we have a boy and girl birthday a week a part, so we're having a simple beach party with some family as party number 3, the first two were Addi & Morgan's (separate) with my family since they'll be out of town.

Since I'm a planner, I am trying to think of some fun traditions that we can have with the kids ON their birthday.  It would be fun to have those special day traditions, since so often birthday fall on weekdays when people can't get together for parties.  So here are some of the idea I have come up with:

* The obvious pick your favorite meal for dinner, but Addi is still young we'll have to wait a little while for that one.

* Waking up to a room filled with balloons! How fun is that? Even Addi will love that now.

* Since Addi & Morgan's birthdays are exactly a week apart I thought this would be so fun, to take the same picture every year of the two of them at their party.  What a great memory to have! 

* Birthday Pancakes! These are actual cake ones, but I might actually just put sprinkles in regular pancakes so they aren't so sweet.  

I love starting traditions!  Can't wait to see what traditions stick.  

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