Thursday, July 28, 2011

Packing up and moving out...

As some of you know we are the process of moving.  Sadly, it's not to our desired city for a new job, but in with my in laws.  I could feel more blessed that my in laws are kind enough to let us live with them during this transition period in our lives.  (A little secret: I'm kind of excited! We get to enjoy summer with a yard, pool, swing, grandparents, and so much more.  I'm sure it will have it's ups and down emotionally, but I'm just so excited to get out of these apartments right now.)

This week I've been packing like we're going to box up all our possessions and put them into storage or something.  Oh right, that's what we're doing.  Since we're only planning on staying there for about two months we're boxing up everything: clothes we don't wear often, kids beds, everything except our bed, some clothes, cloth diapers, and the bare cosmetic necessities.  It gives you a whole different perspective when you are going to be living in one room with minimal storage.  I would rather have my sweet family to love, then all the material things in the world.  That's for sure!   

As you may know, packing with a one year old always proves to be be tricky.  Her idea of packing is:  pulling stuff out of boxes, crawling into boxes, climbing on top of boxes. You know, normal packing activities.   Well I had a "good mommy moment" and enjoyed the time with her for a little while instead of getter frustrated.

While my sweet little girl is sitting on the box Hillsong comes over Pandora and she just starts singing.  It was one of those moment that makes your heart melt.  She proceeded to dance and clap to the music.  One of the most beautiful things to see my little girl having a great time listening worship music.  It makes a mama's heart happy!

Of course if she's going to climb onto the packing boxes, she has to practice getting off so that future falls are minimal.  I just can't believe she's getting so old!  I could write a daily blog on the new things she does from climbing onto the couch to saying new words.  She amazes me every day.

Of course I had to end with this picture of her standing tall and so big.  She's SO close to walking.  My guess is before the move, she'll be walking.  We'll see.

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