Monday, July 25, 2011

Library Loot

So with our "big move" coming up I am planning activities for Addi and I to get out of the house a little each day.  Some things are as simple as going to various parks and getting outside toys like sprinklers, pools, swing, climbing thing, picnic table, etc.  Then there are is my mommy list like planning my runs for my half marathon (gulp...hopefully!) and my workouts.  And last, but not least, trips to the library and  tot time with little miss.  

I'm going to be planning on going to the library every Tuesday because that's their circle time so I'm going to try to do a little with Addi, then we'll get out books.  Ever since we've started going to the library I've always got her three books.  It's the magic number.  Not to many to lose, but more then one for each hand.  We'll see if I try to do themes, probably not since the board book selection is more limited.  However I am very grateful for any at all!  

Since we'll be getting a new selection every week I thought I would write a little "review" about them.  Then other moms can know how the book appeals to their little one and I'll have a little record on how Addi liked the book too.  Some I'll know she likes more then others, but then I can see how a book appeals to her at different stages in her development.

Since we'll be moving this week I thought that I would set this up in advance since we'll probably be pretty busy.  Then we can just get the flow right in to next week when we're all settled in with my in laws.  So here is our first weeks picks: 

What Make a Rainbow?
This book was a fun book over all.  Each page had a color theme, so everything would be red and it would go on to tell about what in our daily life is red, but in a fun way.  Then there was a ribbon on each page that got added to the rainbow.  It was pretty cool.  Addi really liked that part alot.  Overall, not her favorite book right now, so we didn't really READ it much.

Peter Rabbit Show Me Your Ears
I was pretty excited to find a Peter Rabbit board book AND it is a touch & feel book.  BONUS!  It was so close to being Addi's favorite book this week, but not quite.  She loved the book though.  It had great pictures that were soft and welcoming.  Plus the texture part had some that were tiny, so Addi would try hard to find them.  While others were really big a lush.  Her favorite was the squirrel.  The book flows really well and is overall a very attractive, fun book.

That's not my princess...
There hasn't been a single book in this collection that Addi hasn't loved!  She is always so excited to find what is on the page for her to feel and they're always so creative.  The book flows really well and is great because you can be very expressive.  I really like that when I'm reading to her because it keeps her attentive and learning how to use expression in her voice.  Definitely Addi's favorite! 

I tested her to see which she would pick and put the books side-by-side opened as well as on her favorite page.  At first she went for the squirrel page, but then she changed her mind.  There is just something about that collection of books that she loves!

***P.S. I think I'll be posting these the Monday after the library visit, just so we have enough time to read them and capture lots of pictures enjoying them! 

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