Friday, July 08, 2011

Our Week In Pictures

Cousins Playing the Pool & 4th of July Parade

4th of July Air Show & Cheering section at the race

Yummy birthday dessert for Addi & Presents for Morgan

Looking back on the week we did SO much!

Friday: Cousin Time & a Parade
Saturday: Air Show 
Sunday: Family Reunion & Addi's Birthday "Party" Combo
Monday: 4.5 Mile Race & Morgan's Party at the Park
Tuesday: Petting Farm & Country Dairy Trip
Wednesday: Park Day & Slip N Slide at Gramma's
Thursday: Beach Day & Drive HOME!!!
Friday: We're packing up for round two! And driving.
Saturday: Baseball game with the cousins! 

Wowy! I can't believe our week.  Not to mention adding in bike rides, runs, and other various activities that aren't as major.  I'm pooped and want to do NOTHING!  That's July for us and it's not going to slow down until the beginning of August.  Guess we'll sleep when it's winter.  It's been awesome to spend time with family and friends, but nice to get home.  Being away makes me love being home even more and reminds me where our little family is going.  

Thanks for having us mom and pa!

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