Friday, July 08, 2011

Early Potty Training

If you asked me if I am potty training my nearly one year old I would have said no a week ago, but today I think I might just say, "Yes!"  For months now Addi has been going on the toilet for pooping and less then a month after that started she started peeing when she sat on the toilet.  I know, most people who don't "early potty train" say, "You're not training you child, you're training yourself."  Today I say, "NOT TRUE!"  

Here is why, my daughter who will be one next week pees every time I put her on the toilet AND wakes up from naps dry!  Now I don't run her to the toilet every half hour at all.  When we started out I put her on when she was grunting and turning red, she's a pretty obvious pooper.  Then I started getting her "pooptine" down: when she wakes up/after breakfast, after lunch/nap, and before bed again.  Most the time I waited until I heard the grunts, then whisked her off.  I LOVE not wiping a poopy bottom, no diaper rashes, less messy cloth diapers, my daughters comfort on the toilet, and singing songs on the potty.

Now that she's getting closer to actually potty training age, 18 months, I'm putting her on the toilet first thing when she wakes up and post meals, but that's the extent of me taking her by routine.  It's no different then taking her to the bathroom to get cleaned up after a meal.

If I didn't truly love potty time and all the benefits, I would have "stopped" long ago.  However I don't see it as work at all.  It's training, just like you train your child to walk, talk, and play using fine and gross motor skills.  Addi is learning how to use her potty muscles, on her own.  She's so proud too!  She always gets a big smile on her face and claps.  How cute is that?!    

And an added bonus, I'm spending less time "potty training" now then most people do when they are training older kids.  Not saying its for everyone, but it's definitely for me because I don't see the power struggle two years from now or being scared to poo on the toilet or an array of other things.  It's simple, easy and no stress at all for us.

I would say I "accidentally" fell into early potty training (no I'm not the naked baby from day one E.C. person) but I wouldn't change a thing.  When the next one comes along there is no doubt I would do the same thing as long as they enjoy potty time, which when it starts at a young age they don't know any different.  It's just like story time for Addi!

How cute is this book?! 
There are tons of great resources out there.  Some people prefer naked from birth or a little Baby Bjorn Potty, but keeping it basic worked for me.  We naturally fell into it around 8 months, we still wear diapers most of the time with the exception of a little break to air out post potty time and I prefer a potty topper because there is no messy clean up.  Anyway, there is food for thought and a note for me to remember in a few years.  

P.S. Most countries (if not all) start potty training WAY earlier then here!  Why do you think that is?

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