Monday, July 11, 2011

Get with it Monday!

We survived the weekend!!! Here is proof.

Addi was enjoying her awesome picnic basket from Aunt Dee, Uncle Jon, Trace & Teagan.  It plays the cutest songs and comes with little shape sorting plates.  We love our little "picnic time."  For their birthdays we we're trying to get bigger stuff that would help keep the kids occupied for the time we will be living with my in-laws.  So far the gifs have been this picnic basket, a take apart digger (LOVE!), picnic table that folds up to store, a swing, and we're going to make the kids a sprinkler out of PVC pipe this weekend.  Moving we knew we we're going to bring many toys, if any, because they have toys there.  But a few bigger essentials will help!   Thanks everyone for the awesome presents. 

Darth Cousins

We went to a theme baseball game with my brother-in-law and sister-in-law, Star Wars!  It was so fun to see the kids LOVING some characters, but absolutely not wanting to look at others.  Seeing how I've never seen a single Star Wars movie in my life I made up some pretty funny names for the characters.  Morgan loved it! 

Can you tell he is a daddy's boy?

Today someone in our building was getting a new washer & dryer, which means Addi got a new FREE toys!  We'll see how long it least in the apartment since it's already so small and I hate tripping over things.  Some day soon I'm hoping to make her a sweet play house that can be slipped on and off our dinning room table.  I'm sure that's something both Addi & Morgan will love! 

Hope you had a great weekend and are getting caught up.

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