Thursday, July 14, 2011

Addi's 1st (WORST) Birthday!

Addi started out her birthday with her "breakfast of choice" a smoothie and graham crackers.  Since she wasn't feeling good all night and had a fever I thought it would calm her stomach and cool her off a little.  Of course she LOVED it!!

Don't think about touching my smoothie...
Then we were going to go over to Gram & Grandpa's to have cupcakes with all the cousins.  After her nearly four hour nap I woke her up and she was so out of it, so I took her temp again and it was just over 103 degrees, so we headed over to Gram's (a former nurse) house to see what she thought and call the one call doctor.  In the ten minutes it took us to get there it was 104.4, so we talked to the doctor and off we went to the PM care.  With antibiotics and some ibuprofen we went back to Gram & Grandpa's to celebrate! 

This photo wraps up how she felt all day...BAHH!!!
Now if you know my daughter you know that five minutes of cuddling DOESN'T HAPPEN and she LOVES FOOD!!! Today all she wanted was to snuggle mama and wouldn't eat hardly anything.  With a smoothie for breakfast, she slept through lunch, and would barely touch the applesauce I tried this evening.  The bigger shocker was she wouldn't touch the cake!  Last night she couldn't get enough from her cousin's party and tonight she cried at the sight of it.  My poor baby! 

My sweet girl!
She cried and cried at the cake...not her normal reaction at all! 

She kept holding her hand over it. It was like she wanted in her head, but not in her tummy! 
Maybe just a taste would be ok...

Nope...not ok mom! I'm done.
So we ended out night to a run to the store to grab some more medicine, snuggles, and lots of sleep! I think I'm going to bed early knowing that I'll be up a lot tonight.  Hope next year's birthday is a little more enjoyable for her!

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