Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Finished Knot Dress!

I have been working on this dress feverishly for the last three days!  Day One the dress turned out HUGE.  Day Two the dress turned out perfectly, except there was no so I couldn't get both Addi's second arm in it.  Day Three it's complete!  She's in it and it's a perfect fit.  By perfect I mean perfect for one time use and there isn't much extra space.

What I learned from this sewing experiences:
* A lot of sewing techniques 
* There is A LOT of ripping out what you've already sewn
* I work much better with out a pattern
* I really liked sewing! 
Here is is: Addi's  Knot Dress

The main reason that I wanted to sew this adorable dress was for Addi's birthday photo shoot, which is what she'll wear it for and maybe to church once, we'll see.  Last night we received Addi's first birthday check.  Of course she didn't know what that mean, but I was excited to get her a few pre-birthday things from her Great Grandma and Grandpa.

Addi's birthday doll

If no one buys my knot dress ($20) it will be getting shrunk down to fit this little doll.  I love it!  She rode through the store patting the baby so sweetly and at home she's been taking the hat off and trying to put it back on.  My baby is getting so old! 

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