Monday, June 24, 2013

times like these

This weekend is one I want to remember.  

I want to remember over looking a beautiful field of flowers with my babies.  
Not the fact that I somehow got the wrong date for a nature class and we missed.

I want to remember walking into our bedroom to find our babies cuddling.
Not the tears that night when Morgan broke a promise to his little sister.

I want to remember Addi + Morgan picking flowers in a giant field.
Not me rushing them along because I let fear and anxiety creep in.

I want to remember cousins holding hands and the joyful noise of everyone being reunited.
Not me getting overwhelmed by the noise and shutting down.

I want to remember walking out on the porch to find our kids sharing a chair even though they didn't have to.
Not the tears that my daughter cries each Sunday afternoon as her brothers goes back to his mom's house.

I want to remember the joy.
I want to shed the anxiety.
I want to embrace the noise.
I want to love this season.
I want to rid myself of mommy guilt.

Lord, show my what you want my heart to learn in this season of busyness and noise.  
Give me a heart to embrace this time.
Help me to rely on you for joy and peace.
Enable me to extend grace and love.
Make me more like you.