Wednesday, June 19, 2013

life lessons in the garden

Living with my in laws has been an amazing blessing for our family, but I often find myself saying, "when we have our own place I'll..." fill in the blank.  While helping my friend gather all her garden supplies I decided I was going to create a little garden for my girl.  No more putting it off until we have our own place.  

Let me tell you what, I'm so glad we have her little garden.  Every day she wants to check on her blueberries, tomatoes and cucumbers.  For a couple of weeks she kept asking when her carrot seeds would grow

We went out to the store to add to her little garden.  She' so proud!  Everyone who enters her backyard gets a tour of her garden and she tells them all about the plants.  Then she reminds everyone that the carrots won't be ready until her birthday or the tomatoes until they're red.  It took a while before she understood that tomorrow her cucumbers wouldn't be edible.  But you know what, we've been gardening for a month now and it's been great to see my little girl mature.  She loves learning about how her fruits or vegetables come from flowers, her cucumber plants grow taller each day and her  teeny tiny tomatoes will get bigger before she gets to eat them.  It's a lesson on patiences for my sweet little girl and her mama too.  {I had to remind her that pulling the cucumber plant up wouldn't result in a full grown carrot.  She really wanted carrots.}

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