Thursday, May 09, 2013

Real Life Blessing

With one final to go I'm reflecting on my week.  I've whined, complained and cried more then my fair share.  It's no secret that I get overwhelmed easily, but sitting here being so close to summer break, I'm overwhelmed with blessings.

Through it all my husband blessed me by making time for me to go running.
He sacrificed sleep so I could get in a few hours of uninterrupted homework time (with coffee!)
My sister listened to countless rants about hating school and wanting to give up.
She put up with more ridiculous humous ecards then anyone should be subjected to while I avoided work.
My sweet friend let me borrow cloth pull ups so that I could get little miss Addi potty trained at night.
Another amazing friend (who has three kids, a job and is going through finals week too) bought Addi the sweetest little puzzle and shipped it here, just so I could get a few extra minutes of study time.
So many friends texted me encouragement and sent up prayers for me.
Then my sweet girl, she puts up with my exhaustion and watched more movies then I care to admit.
She didn't complain that peanut butter a jelly was a staple all semester, not just this week.
When mommy was tired she covered me up, gave me her precious blankies and put me "nigh-night".
To put a smile on my weary face she made silly faces, sang silly songs and danced circles around me.

I'm so blessed each and every day.

As I enter summer I'm excited to refresh + reconnect.

To have a little less stress + a little slower temper.

I want to cuddle longer, swim later + soak up every moment with my loved ones.

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