Wednesday, April 17, 2013

half marathon check in

Since I have twenty-five weeks until my half marathon I decided to just do periodic check ins.  Last week I took a break from running cause I hurt my foot. My runs felt off and I struggled to go three miles the first day back.  Somehow I managed to keep my pace on target and even got in a four mile run.

This month I'm a little behind my goal of 50 miles, but I'm hoping to get to the finish line with out an injury, so taking this month slow to run longer is ok with me.  As I was sitting around, thinking about running, I decided to not follow a true plan until I get closer to my race, like sixteen weeks out.  I just want to get my body moving a 15-20 miles a week.  Slowly, but surely I will be race ready.  My mindset it changing over the course of the month too.  Sometimes I want to skip the in between and go from A to B.  But whats the fun in that?  

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