Saturday, February 23, 2013

Tot School {The Snowy Day}

Let's be honest.  We didn't do that much school this week, which I kind of expected.
The last two weeks were really good with school, so I figured she might not love this week as much.
She enjoyed the activities, but it just wasn't as interesting with out her mitten and animals.  
Sometimes I would just catch a glimpse of her and wonder where my baby went.  
One my favorites parts of the week was just seeing her be a little mama.
She would cuddle up with her stuffed animals and babies to read them books
This week we read The Snowy Day, worked on some great printable sheets, made tracks in playdough, made tracks in the real snow, worked on colors and shapes, and just enjoyed a lot of cuddling and reading together.  One of the things that I'm learning to love about being home with my girl is that cuddle days are ok and sometimes even better the busy day.

{Addi is 31 months old}

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