Friday, December 28, 2012

Heart Changing Christmas

On day three my heart started stirring.
God was definitely doing a number on me.
I loved everything about our Christmas celebration,
but by day three I way already tired of opening toys.
My husband and I decided not to do too many presents,
but our kids still get presents from so many people.  

Don't get me wrong, I feel so blessed that my kids 
get things we could not otherwise get them.
But at the end of the season I still wonder if I can do more.

This year the answer was a resounding yes!

Our kids are so blessed by so family, but I'm still working on how to teach a two and four year olds giving, sacrifices, compassion, empathy, etc.  Although at the end of the day money isn't bountiful for us, but I still felt like I could do more to give more.

The Lord has placed a few things on my heart that I can do in 2013:

* We got a giant piggy bank for the kids to fill up through out the year, then we'll take that money next year to fill shoe boxes for children around the world with less then us.

* Each year my in laws give us cash to buy a few of the presents for our kids from them, then they buy the rest.  Well next year I'm excited to take part of that money and let the kids pick presents from the WorldVision catalog to give to someone else.  It's something I've always said I wanted to do with my own kids, but then the money wasn't there when the holidays rolled around.  I think it will be even more special to give with some of their own Christmas money.

* The week or two before Christmas I'm going to have the kids load up a few bags of toys and then go as a family to a local shelter to deliver them.  I always purge during the holidays, but donating to Goodwill where people pay for them just wasn't settling for me.

One of the biggest lessons that I'm learning that is no matter how little you have,
if you have a passion in your heart you will find a way to make it happen.
I'm excited to see what else God lays on our hearts and
how this will look for our family in the years to come.  

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