Saturday, December 22, 2012

{Christmas Celebration} Day 8

 Saturday was a day of true blessing for me. 
Our little family went on our way to my parents house! 
It was such a beautiful day! 

The kids fell asleep to the warmth of the day.
While I some uninterrupted reading time with an amazing book
I've had Unglued for some time now, but with school I had been so busy.
For Christmas break I decided and I needed to read it and it wouldn't have been more perfect! 
God's timing is just beautiful.
Each day I've been reminded to fix my eyes, heart, and mind on God.
Whether it's for our next step in life, training up our children, friendship, the Christmas rush, etc.
My heart and mind needs to remained fixed on the author and perfecter!

We spent our day with family and I loved watching the kids play with my cousins.
{Yes my cousins are the same age as my kids!}
I went to bed with a very happy heart.

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