Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Potty Training

Lately we've been doing a lot of snuggling and potty training.
Us girls have been fighting a cold for the last week.
Just before the cold set in Addi decided she was ready to ditch the diaper!
I was beyond excited, yet apprehensive at the same time.

The goods from her shopping trip!
Potty training is one of the first "rights to passage" as a parent.
I've watched so many kids be potty trained, 
read countless books and blogs, and taken lots of notes.
There were two things I was certain of when it came to potty training her:

1. I wanted her to be comfortable with the potty so it was a power struggle later one and
2.  I didn't want to push potty training to early and make her regress! 

Since she was little she was using the potty.   
I didn't plan on doing elimination control, nor would I say I did it, 
but I really enjoyed taking her to the potty after meals.
No poppy diapers for me!

Then, as she got older we just went before meals, after naps, before bed, etc.
She's been extremely comfortable with the potty and was so close to being "potty trained" at 18 months, but I started to realize I was nervous and working harder so we took a break.
For months I just had her run around the house in undies or naked booty.
Although she was having accidents, she rarely told me when she had to go potty.

Then all of the sudden it just clicked.  

She started telling me when she had to go potty and wanted to go out of the house in undies.
We made a few test runs around town, to friends, etc. over the last months, but this time was different. 

I wasn't nervous! 

We celebrated our adventure in undies with an Angry Birds shirt!
So we took the plunge and let her go in the car on an hour car ride for a day filled with shopping.
Not as single accident! Until we pulled in the gas station five minutes from home.
She didn't go poo all day, so she just had a little pee accident trying to hold the rest in.
We ran inside and she went on the {amazing} public bathroom.

It's seems so seamless.

I expect accidents.

She went with me to a meeting in undies where she had a babysitter.
We looked at the potty, told her to tell the sitter if she had to go, etc.
However, I pack a plastic bag with fresh pants for her.
I fully expected her to have an accident, but she didn't.

It's been baby steps, but we've had a great journey! 
No tears for either of us and I honestly think it's created a special bonds for us.

However you decide to potty train, just be sure it works for you and your family.
Set goals, mine weren't to potty train in a day or week.
They were our goals and it's been an awesome journey! 

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