Thursday, November 01, 2012

Blessing of Friendship

Over the last years I've had a handful of closer friends then I've ever had.
It's not easy to make friends because life circumstances are different, busy schedules, etc.  
I'm a friendly person, but I just long for deep friendship.
Not just surface lets have fun and drink coffee together.
But the type of friendship when I can drive to your house (with out calling) 
in tears when my world feels like it's falling apart.
Friendship isn't something that's simple, I'm reminded it takes work

Yet I let me other relationships comes first before the most intimate relationship I should have.  
There is a list of excuses that I can pull from at anytime.  
I'm grateful for the friendships God has blessed me with,
but I'm reminded I need to be as eager and joyful to 
sip coffee and enjoy time with God each day.

21 Days of Gratitude

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