Monday, October 15, 2012

Tot School {Squirrels & Acrons}

~ Addi is 26.5 Months Old ~

Since fall is in full swing here in the midwest, 
we've planned some fun units around our favorite season.
This week was squirrel & acorns week! 

Our trees are filled with squirrels and our yard with acorns.  
It was hard to find library books about squirrels, 
so we stopped to Barnes and Noble to get A Good Day.
A few random books from the library mentioned squirrels too.
I wish I would have had The Busy Little Squirrel, but couldn't find it anywhere. 
So I order it from Scholastic for enjoying through out fall.

We did some of the squirrel sheets from Animal ABC Printables too.
I'm struggling with whether or not I should continue these.  
Some of them Addi loves, like identifying the shapes,
but others she doesn't have the focus to do them and just scribbles.
Does anyone else have this experiences? 
Is it more beneficial to keep presenting the information and letting them scribble.
Or wait until they are ready to color the picture the proper colors?

There were lots of other fun activities going on:
* Squirrel Buffet- we collected a variety of foods for our little friends.

*  Playdough- after three recipes, we finally modified our own Spiced Fall recipe. 
We made playdough pies with the bad recipes.

* Melissa & Doug's cutting food was a favorite this week! She loves the independence I think.

*  Acorn Shaker- we ventured around the yard to collect acorn "hats" in a bottle.  She worked on putting them in and out as well as shaking and dancing around.

* Pompom Sheets- while she put the pompoms on little circles she named them after family members.

* Tot School Notbook- last week I finally put together my tot school on the go book. I'm loving it! 

It includes: as daily schedule, weekly lesson plans {ideas}, monthly overview, writing without tears worksheets, printable sheets from 1plus1plus1equals1, reusables sheets in protectors, dot pages from Confessions of a Homeschool, Dollar Tree finds, lots of books, and busy bag activities

Happy learning. Enjoy! 


  1. Looks like a fun week! The squirrel buffet is such a cute idea! My boys were trying to walk up and hand-feed a squirrel some acorns yesterday... I think doing the buffet is a "must-do" for us this week :)

    Glad I found your blog, it's nice to find a tot-schooler who has a little girl the same age as mine. :)

  2. It's such a fun, out of the ordinary activity. So fun!