Tuesday, August 30, 2011

She's a h-o-o-t!

I just had an awesome idea on how to do another style of owl hat that I just love!!!

Who (get it) other then my little girl to make it for?

Saturdays are the "day of the car" in our family, meaning we drive two hours to get Morgan.
So this Saturday I grab some scrap yarn and put my fingers to work for my new idea.

I'm trying to remind myself it's OK to take a moments break from work and school work.
This was perfect opportunity to put aside the books and the patterns and just have fun.

I'm so happy with the result too!!! 

Do I add some little yarn tufts to it or not?  

I'm kind of liking it like this.

Get your very own at Addi & Morgan

Isn't she just a h-o-o-t?!

She looks like she's saying, "Mom, I'm trying to eat here."
If you know my daughter, you know you don't come between her and her food!

Hope you're having a great day! 

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